Comedy Night for Shooting Stars

An evening hosted by Bobby Davaro with guests such as Kenny Lynch and Paul Zerdin. The evening was a hit and ejoyed by all raising a considerable amount for Shooting Stars – Bobby’s charity of choice.

Bobby Davaro is one of the country’s favourite comedians and is known for his brilliant impressions. His Saturday night series ‘Bobby Davro On The Box’, ‘Bobby’s Sketch Pad’, and ‘TV Weekly’, were on ITV for 6 years. On the BBC he made 3 series, ‘Public Enemy Number One’, ‘Rock With Laughter’ and ‘Run The Risk’. Bobby hosted Yorkshire TV’s ‘Winner Takes All’ for 65 programmes, recorded the No 1 Hit by ‘The Proclaimers’ for ‘Comic Relief’ with Peter Kay and appeared as ‘Vinnie Monks’ the lovable rogue in ‘Eastenders’.

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